#GOILLRADIO 1/5/2k13

  • 1
    93.04% (42946 votes)
    #1 3rd week in a row The Fatal 4 featuring Psychodrama - 4Eva Magic
  • 2
    3.44% (1590 votes)
    ILY Rose ft Grin Ceasar - ONE NIGHT STAND
  • 3
    0.52% (240 votes)
    Young Gunna x Young Diesel - Make It Happen(Prod.Crpytonite)
  • 4
    0.48% (222 votes)
    *PREMIER** Parkay - Every Year
  • 5
    0.48% (220 votes)
    S.B.E - Big Bank
  • 6
    0.47% (219 votes)
    The Boy Illinois - Passport Playa
  • 7
    0.47% (216 votes)
    Destiny - im wit it
  • 8
    0.45% (206 votes)
    Veto Vangundy - SURVIVAL MODE
  • 9
    0.45% (206 votes)
    *PREMIER** Armani X Big Homie Doe X JU.I.C.E X Caleb James - Trap God (prod. Caleb James)
  • 10
    0.42% (193 votes)
    G.Green ft. Weasel Sims - Wonder


Votes: 46159
Views: 89109

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  11. J ReeL said on Jan 12 2013, 21:01 PM:

    "One Night Stand" (prod by Saylavee of The Art'Sonists) a smash

  12. Psychodrama said on Jan 10 2013, 11:01 AM:

    Fatal4 Yall ain't by ya self we got all our people voting all day!

  13. bigg tymrer said on Jan 10 2013, 07:01 AM:

    i see yall up and at it early campaignin. i voted for the fatal 4 feat psychodrama. two of my favorite groups

  14. g-thang said on Jan 09 2013, 18:01 PM:

    i voted for The Fatal 4 and since i can vote as many times as i want thats what im a do! Cant believe yall aint signed!

  15. North Chicago Vet said on Jan 08 2013, 19:01 PM:

    I voted for The Fatal 4 because they underated and they gone be on top once they get they shot. North Chicago

  16. Layeo Menace said on Jan 08 2013, 12:01 PM:

    Fatal 4 All Day!!!

  17. Sleepwalka said on Jan 08 2013, 11:01 AM:


  18. madison str said on Jan 07 2013, 15:01 PM:

    i voted for the fatal 4 westside psychodrama

  19. The One and Only said on Jan 06 2013, 18:01 PM:

    FATAL 4!!!!!!!!!!

  20. T.O.P ENT! said on Jan 06 2013, 18:01 PM:

    ILY ROSE! doing numbers girl you deffinatly have my vote cant wait to see you on stage again ma!

  21. Quetta said on Jan 06 2013, 18:01 PM:

    I currently live in WI but from Waukegan and went to school with Fatal 4 and knew these gentlemen were going to great....they all have faith and determination...I'm very happy for their growth and strength....I listen to them on iheart radio and I've also seen most of the youtube videos. They have shoed me that strong will, hard work, determination, and faith will work for u...Congratulations again gents!!!!

  22. Vega said on Jan 06 2013, 18:01 PM:

    Fatal Four is the best group out hands down!!!!! love their music and movement.

  23. moe phil said on Jan 06 2013, 17:01 PM:

    for the 4th week we at it again voting for the fatal 4 until i get tired!

  24. ILY said on Jan 06 2013, 17:01 PM:

    niggas #flodgin ..lol #100

  25. Big Keys said on Jan 06 2013, 16:01 PM: