What Should the Federal Government do with the current influx of illegal immigrants coming into the Southwest states?

  • 1
    32.39% (538 votes)
    Deport all of them, no exceptions
  • 2
    14.57% (242 votes)
    Welcome them with open arms, then open the border completely
  • 3
    14.03% (233 votes)
    Secretly ship them to Canada
  • 4
    11.02% (183 votes)
    Welcome them with open arms, then close the border
  • 5
    10.42% (173 votes)
    Other (Please elaborate in comments)
  • 6
    9.93% (165 votes)
    Keep the abandoned children, deport the adults
  • 7
    7.65% (127 votes)
    Keep the adults, deport the kiddies

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  1. Craig said on Jun 20 2014, 08:06 AM:

    Keep the hot girls, deport the rest.

  2. zeus said on Jun 12 2014, 16:06 PM:

    Migration is a human right. The locking down of the border leads to repression and inequality. Borders should be eliminated. That may inconvenience some, but that is the nature of rights.

  3. Semantic said on Jun 11 2014, 22:06 PM:

    Execute them and leave their corpses to rot in the desert. Have Blackhawk helicopters patrolling the border and firing on anyone trying to cross the border anyplace other than checkpoint.

  4. Scott M. said on Jun 11 2014, 12:06 PM:

    Turn a blind eye to importing low-wage, undocumented workers (for the benefit of large employers or, more generally, to keep the price of agricultural harvests low) then get all flustered when you find your country contains persons who have not come here legally. Benefit from a seemingly endless supply of people who are willing to work for low wages then lament that citizens are unable to find work. Employers accept the possibility of fines as a cost of doing business versus caring about screening employees. Having it both ways is the American way. The best way to stop illegal immigration is to improve conditions in Mexico so people do want/need to leave.

  5. AGoldstein said on Jun 10 2014, 20:06 PM:

    Teddy Roosevelt did this with the Japanese BEFORE WWI! He serialized them, taught them English, American History and required them to follow a process of integrating and assimilating properly. That would be a GREAT START to template the mass immigration into the USA. Also they should ALL be quarantined in a holding facility, and forced to go through proper blood testing and treatments for things like Small Pocks, Measles, Polio and so forth. Anyone testing positive with such a disease or condition should immediately be placed on a special dedicated transport and delivered back to their home town where we have set up tents and hangers to deal with such ailments. We should also force these countries to run vaccinations on all children. Our money in foreign aid should go towards proper water works, health care, sanitation and soap.

  6. FreeThinker said on Jun 10 2014, 20:06 PM:

    Missing choice on the poll: Give 'em citizenship so they can pay taxes and be drafted.