Favorite Match From The Fort Mill Showdown 2014 Event

  • 1
    18.42% (93 votes)
    "The Rock N Roll Express" Ricky Morton And Robert Gibson vs. George South And Bobby Fulton Of The Fantastics Managed By Tessa Blanchard
  • 2
    16.83% (85 votes)
    The Sheik Managed By Tessa Blanchard vs. Baja
  • 3
    16.83% (85 votes)
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan And Thunder Bolt Warrior vs. "The Junk Yard Dog" Deon Johnson And Sweet Dreamz
  • 4
    16.04% (81 votes)
    The Fortunate Son Jessie Windham And Billy Brash vs. "The Inspiration" Brady Pierce And "The Hammer" William Roberts Managed By WCW Superstar Lodi
  • 5
    16.04% (81 votes)
    The Barbarian vs. Jessie Windham
  • 6
    15.84% (80 votes)
    Main Event: WCW Superstar Lodi Managed By “The Hammer” William Roberts vs. Independent Star Baja

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